Massart International Education Center

Click on any time below to make an appointment with me, Amy Holland, MassArt Study Abroad Advisor. While our virtual campus means we are working remotely, I will be holding all meetings via Zoom, which has both a video and phone option. Please look for my invitation at the time of our meeting.

Currently, MassArt is not restricting applications to future abroad programs. However, MassArt will not allow students to travel to countries deemed unsafe. Students need to be aware of the college’s policy on program cancellation, which will be discussed during our meeting. Though we will discuss programs assuming you will be able to participate, you should make alternate plans in case your program is cancelled last minute or the country is deemed unsafe prior to travel.

If you’ve never met with me, please:

  1. Read the Steps to Study Abroad (
  2. Create a login and submit a Study Abroad Intake Form on Studio Abroad (
  3. Come prepared with questions.
    Thanks and talk to you soon!
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